Anthropology in the UK


Anthropology in the UK: information about anthropology in the UK, whether in the University, private sector or public sector. 

Experience Rich Anthropology

Outcome of a 1998-2000 HEFCE Project in which a consortium of nine UK Anthropology programmes contributed to developing interactive materials which drew on and imparted experience. This was the first experience at developing web material for all but the Kent CSAC group, who of course founded the Anthropological web in 1993, drawing on experience with online materials since 1986. Visit Site


Schools and Colleges offering Anthropology A-Level (Not presently available beyond 2018)

Organisations and Associations


The Centre for Social Anthropology and Computing (CSAC) aims to advance 'ordinary' anthropology through the exploration, development and application of computational approaches to research problems across the range of anthropology including the humanities, social sciences and sciences. CSAC is presently part of HRAF Advanced Research Centres (hrafARC), affiliated with the Human Relations Area Files, Yale University.

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